I just finished writing the story to Ninja Mart 13 last night. And now it's ready for animating. I hope all the fans are excited.

The Two Hour Time Trial collab has recently been released into the Portal and we need you guys to vote 5 to get front page! This time, the theme is Halloween, and we got a bunch of good animators to make a Halloween related animation. There's scary ones, funny ones, and really weird animations and i'm sure, you'll wanna vote 5.

Also, a new Ninja Mart episode (ninja mart 12) has been in progress for a few days, and this one is also Halloween related. Me and SA will keep you guys informed about it.

The 50 Frame Collab

2007-10-16 20:49:59 by ElninoNM

The 50 Frame Collab has recently been put in the portal, and everybody should really check it out. You won't be dissapointed. I took part it in too. (tag parts and car crash)